La XarMAE evoluciona cap a la XRE4S
Jornada Transició Energètica a Catalunya
Jornada XaRMAE-Solartys: Integració PV i Autoconsum

Activities / Research

The main activities and research lines of XaRMAE are focused on:

1) To define a strategic plan with activities and actions in different fields related to the energy, in which the XaRMAE is directly involved.

2) To identify research lines in advanced materials with the final aim to obtain new and clean energy sources. The use of “nanotechnologies” is encouraged.

3) To detect and promote activities and projects devised to facilitate a rational use of energy, transferring the final results to the industry.

4) To give expert advice on scientific and technical matters related to the use of energy.

6) To organize and participate in formative activities devoted to disseminate the knowledge of new materials for energy applications.

7) To improve the professional training of the researchers associated with the XaRMAE, favoring the internal mobility of the scientific personnel.

8) To join and participate in different R+D international institutions, collaborating with other research centers of well-known prestige.

9) To spread the most significant results obtained in the projects in which the XaRMAE is involved.

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