La XarMAE evoluciona cap a la XRE4S
Jornada Transició Energètica a Catalunya
Jornada XaRMAE-Solartys: Integració PV i Autoconsum

New European routemap focused on the role of catalysis for a more sustainable energy future

IREC has participated with other institutions, universities and European industries in the development of a roadmap on science and technology in the development of new catalysts for a more sustainable energy future taking into account the entire life cycle of products used, the involved elements abundance and carbon footprint as well as technical and economic efficiency.

Catalysts are key elements in the evolution of this energy scenario. Topics such as chemical energy storage, conversion of electrical energy into chemical energy, renewable hydrogen production, developments from biogas, the new features associated with bio-refineries and solar refineries are considered key pieces in an evolution where the CO2 energy plays a major role as a carbon source.

You can dowload the S&T roadmap on CO2 full document.

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